Originally a graphic designer & video editor, Dave Beauchamp is an established BECTU-registered freelance cameraman. His credits include television drama, advertising & documentary as well as corporate film and live event coverage. His range of skills include lighting, directing and PSC work which have taken him across Europe and to places as far flung as India. Download a CV HERE.
Qualifications include NFTS Lighting for Digibeta, RAINDANCE Hands-on Directing for Film & TV and the BBC Safe Working with Cameras and Lights passport. The range of cameras Dave has used include HD (Sony HDW-750P, HDC-1500), DigiBeta (DVW970P, DVW790P, DVW700P), HDV (Sony Z1, FX1E), DVCam (DSR570, PD170, PDX10) and DV formats (XM1, VX2000). He’s also a fully-trained Camera Assisitant and Grip and is familiar with Fisher & Panther track & dollies, the Steadicam Master Series and various jib arms, tripods, heads and vision equipment.
We currently hold a selection of
in-house equipment and can easily hire in specialist equipment & crew for any kind of shoot. Our rates are competitive, our attention to detail second to none and we’re happy to quote for any type of job, be it large or small. Please see our Showreel for past examples of work and our door is always open for friendly help & advice.